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The Solution for Corporate and Financial Institutions

Increase your revenues and reduce your cost of Lockbox, Remittance, HOA, EOB, Patient Payments, RDC and Document Processing.

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For Utilities

PayData will improve the efficiency in Processing Water, Other Utilities,
and Other Transactions

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PayData the NEXT Generation to Process GOVERNMENT TAXES and OTHER INCOME

PayData will improve the efficiency in Processing Water, Electric, Citations, Real Estate Taxes, Personal Property Taxes, Other Utilities, Park and Recreation, Licenses, Maintenance
and Other Transactions.

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EOB and Patient Payment Processing!

Your organization can pilot Infoscore's and Orbograph's EOB solution without a long-term obligation.

Increase revenues and reduce the healthcare processing cost by implementing Infoscore's EOB and Patient Payment Solution.

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Complete monitoring tools at a single dashboard

Monitor all System, Operator functions as well effectiveness of equipment on Windows, Android, iPad and other devices.

Feature Rich and Easy to Install/Upgrade

  • PayData is to Corporate and Financial Institutions as Microsoft Word is to Word Processing in that it continues to become increasingly feature rich and is easy to install/upgrade.

Guaranteed Solution

  • Built-in Disaster Recovey
  • Infoscore guarantees a Return on Investment based on jointly creating a process map and assessing your current process.

Infoscore’s Proprietary software

  • Infoscore’s strategic software methodology protects your investment.
  • All software is developed and supported by Infoscore in the U.S.A.